Cement Shortage in Gunungsitoli

Some cement transporter trucks have halted their operations for three weeks in Gunungsitoli Port.

GUNUNGSITOLI, NBC — The lingering cement shortage in Gunungsitoli in the past three weeks continues to happen here. It was not only hard to find cement but also the skyrocketing price offered by panglong or building materials shop as high as IDR60,000 up to IDR70,000 per sack that led to the scarcity condition.

NBC information reported that the scarcity of cement was triggered by weather condition in Padang as the supplier of cement to Gunungsitoli. The prolonging downpour has disrupted the loading and unloading activities.

Elinudin Hia, a loading worker at Gunungsitoli Port, said to NBC that his income sharply dropped off due to the absence of cement supply as from IDR90,000 into IDR60,000 per day. “My daily earning is from loading cement,” he said.

NBC observed that some trucks that usually serve as cement transporters looked unoccupied at Gunungsitoli Port on Monday (November 14, 2011).

In addition to the impact of the falling income of the backbreaking workers, cement shortage also inflicted economic loss to expedition service in Gunungsitoli Mayoralty.

Iin, an owner of expedition service business in Gunungsitoli, told NBC that she has halted the operation of her armada for three weeks. “With the absence of cement, the transporters remain idle in the parking lot in port areas,” she said. [IH]